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Special LASIK Reports

Our Special Free LASIK Reports are provided free of charge for as a consumer resource. We strongly recommend you contact an experienced LASIK surgeon if you have a particular need or question since these reports are for general informational purposes only.

Click on a selected link below to download a pdf of your choice.

LASIK Cost Report for Total LASIK Price Consumer Checklist

This resource concerning the cost of LASIK provides a checklist of questions to ask for consumers who are considering LASIK to ensure you have a clearer understanding of what fees are being charged and what is or is not included in your LASIK procedure. Many of the questions in this checklist are applicable to other laser eye surgery procedures such as PRK.

Your First Consultation With a LASIK Surgeon

This report includes:

  • Objectives of Your First Visit
  • Questions you should ask your LASIK surgeon
  • What tests are performed
  • What questions your LASIK surgeon should ask you?
  • Special Tips

Common Vision Problems - How Do You See?

This report describes common vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism that can be treated with LASIK and other refractive surgery procedures.

LASIK and Other Laser Vision Correction Procedures

This report describes refractive surgery procedures (such as LASIK, PRK) that are available for vision problems (like nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism).

How to Find a Highly Qualified and Experienced LASIK Surgeon

Our Trusted LASIK Surgeons Directory features highly qualified LASIK, Cataract, and refractive surgery experts who have proven experience, are active in the field of refractive surgery, and have been professionally recognized for their research, accomplishments, and contributions to advancing vision correction care.

Most of the LASIK eye surgeons in our directory also other vision correction procedures and many of these are leading experts when it comes to lens implants and other refractive surgery and cataract surgery procedures. In other words, most of the eye surgeons listed at Trusted LASIK Surgeons are not simply LASIK specialists, but vision correction experts with proven experience.

Please visit our directory of vision correction experts to find an experienced eye surgeon closest to you and review the profile of an expert surgeon to see if they offer cataract surgery. Even if the surgeon nearest to you in our directory does not offer cataract eye surgery, we believe that surgeon may be able to refer you to an experienced and qualified surgeon in your local area that can help diagnose and treat you for your cataract and other vision problems. If you do contact a surgeon in our directory, please let the surgeon know you found the doctor through Trusted LASIK Surgeons.

To find a vision correction expert surgeon who has qualified to be listed at Trusted LASIK surgeons in another area, please visit:

Find a Trusted LASIK Eye Surgeon

The screening process and standards used by Trusted LASIK Surgeons™ can be found at:

How Are Lasik Eye Surgeons Qualified at TLS

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